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What Not to Wear?

You might not be aware of it but there is a huge divide in the financial professional community.

It all stems around this…

Do we really need to wear a suit anymore?

I was on a webinar recently where two very successful advisors got very heated when one of the comments came up that they were both still wearing a suit and tie. They said they would never meet a client without a suit and tie. They wanted their clients to see them as their advisor and with that came the responsibility of looking like someone who was an expert. The commenter came back with, “I haven’t wore a tie since 2020.”

Where does One Vision Retirement stand?

Chris and I don’t wear suits. We choose to dress in business casual. Why don’t we wear a suit? For us, it puts us on the same side of the table as our clients so that they feel comfortable with us to make decisions on their planning together. That’s our style. Our clients don’t need to see us in a suit to trust us in helping them with their financial journey. We also work with clients primarily on a virtual basis so we can have more informal meetings with our clients more often and be there right when they need us.

This has been our decision because we want to work with clients a certain way however in no way do we look down on those who wear a suit and meet with clients in their office. That is their style and it fits with how they want to serve and work with their clients.

When someone hears the title FINANCIAL ADVISOR they get an immediate picture in their mind. What that picture is really is probably a cross between a real advisor and someone from the movie “Wall Street.” We spend the first meeting with prospects often debunking the Wall Street persona and showing them our unique value add and practice. We want clients to understand what their journey working with us looks like.

Each financial advisor out there is different, with a different style, a different process, and a different way they want to serve. You’ve got to find the right advisor for you. A good tip is to ask the advisor how they work with their clients. How many meetings a year should you expect? Do they provide on going education? Do you meet in person or over zoom? What’s the review process look like? You can google ask financial advisor and get hundred of more questions. Find which ones work for you.

Your advisor becomes part of your family. We’ve had clients who have lost spouses, parents, and, sadly, children. Those are very difficult times to focus but decision often have to be made quickly. You need to have someone who speaks your language and can be there in a way you need.

You might want to be able to go to an office and sit with the paperwork in front of both of you and tackle it together. You might want to have an advisor with a big support staff so that you can make sure you have lots of different members to contact. You might want to be able to call them on their personal cell phone and be able to talk to them directly.

With One Vision Retirement, we sit with you through times like this and ask questions to help guide you to the answers that fit best for you. We don’t have a one fits all formula. We are available to our clients when they need us most and they don’t have to call an 800# or go through an assistant to get to us. We share stories about our families and vacations and we give a real answer when our clients ask how things are. We might not be the right fit for everyone, but we are the right fit for the clients we want to serve.

Tim Gunn says it best, “The fit of jeans can be worlds apart from brand to brand. If you can find the right fit, skinny jeans can be very flattering.”

We at One Vision Retirement are happy to have a no obligation call to go discuss your situation and questions.

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