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My Financial Plan or a Root Canal???

Q: One of my goals for 2023 is to get my financial plan in order. I’m scared to contact a financial planner or investment manager because I’m afraid they are going to laugh at me. I’ve got some savings and make a nice income, but I don’t think I fit their criteria. Am I right? I just don’t know if I want to go through that. I’m dreading it for sure.

A. The most common thing I heard from prospects is that “I’ve been meaning to do this

for years.” If there was an Anti-Bucket List or a List of things you want to put off, Financial Planning would be one of them. I almost think people would rather go to the dentist and get a root canal than sit and talk about their money.

A lot of the reasons are exactly what you asked about. They think they will be laughed at or judged. They will have to admit all the things they did wrong and have someone confirm it. They will be told they aren’t good enough to work with. They don’t want to be sold a product. I can go on and on.

And sometimes, unfortunately, their worst nightmare comes true. They are told that they did everything wrong and need to start over. They are shown the mistakes they made through the choices they did make. We knew that policy didn’t make sense. Why did we buy that?!?

Experiences like that stop us before we even get started. No wonder people put off going to the financial planner.

But lets close our eyes and take a deep breath.

What if we could take what is seen about financial planning and turn it on its head.

What if you were in the driver seat? What if you steered the direction of the conversation?

Planning is supposed to be about you and how we can make things better for you by working together. That’s it. That’s financial planning in a nutshell.

So, if you don’t like the conversation, you have every right to stop it and move on. If you feel judged, you can cut the meeting short.

You have to find the planner that gets you and works with you in the way you feel comfortable.

While your eyes are still closed, imagine doing everything you ever dreamed of…

Seeing the Northern Lights, sending your kids to an Ivy League school, buying the house of your dream…maybe going scuba diving in Bali.

Planning is supposed to be planning for the amazing life you want which we try to build some security and strategy around. Find the strategy and security that fits for you. Remember: You run the show.

And no, it might not always be a perfect fit and a planner might say that you aren’t the right client for their practice. If they say that, that means they are doing their job and letting you find the right planner for you rather than wasting your time. Sometimes we are not the right piece to your puzzle.

At One Vision Retirement, we say it is your vision, the client’s vision we are trying to plan to.

Don’t let fear stop you from finding your right fit and getting the life you dreamed of. Dream Bigger.

We at One Vision Retirement are happy to have a no obligation call to go through these options.

Feel free to schedule a call today:

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